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Save Money, Save CO2, Stay Dry…

Applying waterproof and damp proof masonry protection cream can increase your energy efficiency ratings and save you money. Learn More


Days a year on average it rains in the UK. Is the brick on your house waterproof?


Save up to £150 per year by increasing thermal properties of the brick


Save up to 25 Tonnes of CO2 over a 60 year life span

How it Works

Step 1

Site suitability

We will come out and assess the suitability of your site, free of charge. Our friendly team will take a look at the job site and determine whether robotic application is suitable. We will provide a quote shortly afterward.


Step 2

Inspect surface

Using our high resolution on board camera, the team will run an in depth assessment of the surface, providing a state of health report of the brickwork. Sometimes rectification work may be required on potential surface defects.


Step 3

Prepare surface if needed

Ocassionally the surface may suffer from algae growth or loose brick, including dust. We can offer a light cleaning and robotic rotating wire brush over the surface. 


Step 4

Apply coating

Interchanging the attachment on the robot, we begin to apply the coating. We have developed various administration systems, but spray is the most used, depending on the coating.


Step 5

Inspect and measure

A final inspection run after the coating has dried, building a set of images, along with all of the data collected during the application phase of temperature, humidity, and time active. This allows us to accurately determine the quality of coating finish.


The Wall Painting Robot

Our Services

Big, expensive, dangerous and hard to access is our speciality. Our Wall Painting Robot focusses on exterior jobs, including brickwork projects.

Make your job site safer, and save £000’s on your access, scaffolding and cherry picker costs.

Masonry Brickwork Damp Proofing and Waterproofing

With our partner, Safeguard, we have developed an innovative system to apply Masonry Protection Cream, StormDry.

  • Protecting against penetrating damp (rain penetration)
  • Improving the thermal resistance of masonry by keeping it dry – verified by the Energy Saving Trust
  • Improving the performance of cavity wall insulation by protecting it from moisture
  • Improving flood resistance of masonry

Exterior Paint and Algaecide

Rough-cast render, pebble dash render or just a brick colour finish.

Our system specialises in tall and difficult to reach jobs. If your exterior is beginning to look tired, consider an algaecide wash and a fresh lick of paint. But, without the sky high prices required if scaffolding were needed.

What Can The Robot Do?

Unlimited Height

When roof access to your project is not available, we have a reach of 3 stories. If roof access is available, we can tether and go unlimited.

Interchange Attachments

HVLP, airless or roll, including an attachment for wall preparation and removing loose surface material, and a camera for up close inspection


Easy to control and move around the wall. The robot has a tight turning circle and can be traverse surfaces with ease.


Various Surfaces

Successful tests have been carried out with significant payload on brickwork, plaster, plasterboard, smooth render, rough render, concrete, metal and more.

Camera On Board

The operator has a good view from controller to the on board camera for inspection or direction alike.

240v or 110v

We understand the struggles of power limitation on site, so our unit only draws 3kw at maximim strain and can be powered from generator power.

Our Mission Is To Bring Technology Into Painting

A new way to paint. Increase site safety, and reduce costs on large exterior projects. 


Paint more, paint faster. Humans working alongside Robots can maximise output.


Collect temperature, humidity, coverage, visual data and more about jobs.


Using robotic technology to prevent working at height, and exposure to chemicals.


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