About Us

Our Mission Is To Bring Technology Into Painting

A new way to paint. Increase site safety, and reduce costs on large exterior projects. 


Paint more, paint faster. Humans working alongside Robots can maximise output.


Collect temperature, humidity, coverage, visual data and more about jobs.


Using robotic technology to prevent working at height, and exposure to chemicals.


What If We Told You…


Of painters will retire in the next 10 years in UK


Productivity change in construction since 1970’s


Size of painting services industry to UK Economy

In the Beginning

This is where it all started, in the garage! School friends and our founders, Harry and Jack, began the journey by making the first two prototypes in Harrys parents garage.

After learning about those statistics above, and realising we still paint things the same way since paint was invented, we set on our mission to help painting avoid certain misfortune, by bringing technology into the industry.

Then There Was a Team

Fast-Forward to today, the Wall Painting Robot team is based in Birmingham, in our own office, testing and trialling our robotics.

With the help of our fantastic team, and after gaining equity investment, HausBots LTD has flourished.

Meet The Team

Harry Smith

Co-Founder. Engineering Director

From buying a run-down Land Rover and learning about its workings at aged 12, to winning the Young Engineer for Britain. Harry loves hardware and is a true pioneer when it comes to anything to do with physical product. Harry’s biggest passion in life is making stuff. From totally refitting a narrowboat, through to restoring classic cars, in his spare time, Harry is always found tinkering and making.


Jack Cornes

Co-Founder. Managing Director

Jack is a true entrepreneur. Starting his first business selling vegetables at aged 8, Jack went on to found a successful online clothes retailer, also trading at markets and festivals up and down the country at 14. He has caught the entrepreneurial bug. In his spare time, Jack can be found lying underneath his beloved VW Campervan, fixing that weeks issue, or on the south coast on a surf trip.


Jenna Luchak

Mechanical Engineer

Before making the trip across the pond, Canadian born Jenna was educated and worked in Alberta, mainly in engineering roles of the oil and gas sector. Being a life-long ‘Maker’, Jenna’s next challenge and love was robotics, and received a MSc in Robotics Engineering from Imperial College London. Jenna enjoys skiing, team sports, and is the first person around the office to recommend a new movie!


Mike Skitsas

Software Engineer

From his first encounter with robotics at the age of 10, Michail (Mike) knew that this was the perfect field for him. Equipped with an MSc focusing in robotics programming , he is now able to ‘ bring anything to life ‘ with code. Mike is Greek, so constantly has culinary goodness around the office, loves computers (having recently made his own water-cooled, game computer, integrated to a desk), and most amazingly- swords!


Liam Tootill


Liam has had roles in the UK retail and tech sectors. A Director at SBTV, Liam has played both a creative and business development role for the brand. Liam has contributed to i-D magazine and a co-founder of award-winning, training provider, Supa Academy. Outside of office hours, Liam can be found indulging in his musical passion of the playing piano, spending time with family and friends.


Dominic Keen


Dominic is a successful British entrepreneur and founder of Britbots. Having previously floated the software business that he founded on the London Stock Exchange, he now helps exciting ventures to maximise their growth potential. His fascination with all things robotic drives an impassioned evangelism of the field.